Speed Rally

March 27th, 2011
by JP Trostle

[ UPDATE December 2015: If you’re looking for a copy of Speed Rally, please contact me directly at jape@nc.rr.com. ]

Welcome to the world of SPEED RALLY, the game of fantastic auto racing where almost anything goes. Outlandish vehicles outfitted with buzz saws, booster jacks and machine guns careen around obstacle-filled tracks or roar over dangerous terrain in cross-country challenges!

Speed Rally is a fast and easy set of miniature rules designed to be used with any 1/64 scale die-cast car. Whether you want to recreate your favorite characters from TV or movies, or run wacky racers in a cartoon setting, Speed Rally gives you the rules to generate cars and drivers, arm them with weapons and devices, and race them anywhere — from terrain-filled tabletops to kitchen floors, to even on the beach.

Speed Rally is a 48-page rulebook available as a PDF and comes with the tracking sheets and movement templates you will need to play. All you need to add are cars and dice. It can be found on sale at WargameVault and DriveThruRPG through the end of 2015.

Speed Rally was inspired by the extreme and crazy races you’ve seen in dozens of movies, TV shows and cartoons. You know the kind — the ones with gadget-filled cars, colorful characters and over-the-top villains who will stop at nothing to win, all speeding around amazing jump-filled tracks or racing around the world.

Best of all, Speed Rally is designed to use the least expensive “pre-painted miniatures” around: die-cast toy cars. It doesn’t matter if they’re brand new or from the bottom of your old toy box, Speed Rally gives you the tools to create game stats for virtually any kind of vehicle and race them against each other.

Speed Rally is also designed to be played anywhere, from elaborate race track setups (like the one you see here) to across the floor. You can make your own track — we also offer free downloads of track segments here you can print out on your home printer — but you can just as easily set up a race course around your backyard, over the family room furniture or anywhere you have space.

Speed Rally is playable with 2 to 20 gamers (although 10 is the optimal number). Rules are simple, fast and fun, and races can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the length of the course and the number of players.

With these rules you can run simple street races using straightforward sports cars, or create colorful superstars driving outlandish vehicles. Speed Rally takes into consideration all the action and adventure of the genre. Heroes, villains, secret agents and sentient cars abound — the level of detail is up to you. Whether you want to recreate characters from a Saturday morning cartoon or coast-to-coast death races where points are scored for running over pedestrians, Speed Rally gives you the guidelines to generate your favorite cars and drivers.


2008Speed Rally is first published with the Pace Car Edition, identified by the blue Glory Games logo on the cover.

2009 — After a year of racing events and feedback from players worldwide, the Green Flag Edition is released. This version includes all the updates and corrections made to the rules, and is identified by the green Glory Games logo on the cover. (If you are still playing with the Pace Car Edition, check out the changes here in our FAQ section.)

2010 — The Spinnaker, an alternative to the gear dice the game uses to determine a vehicle’s speed, is added to the game. At the end of the year, Light Bikes, a stand-alone variation of the rules is released.

Photos by JP & Brent Trostle. Speed Rally © 2011 Glory Games.


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  • Erik Syring says:

    I bought the PDF a couple of days ago, and I love it. 🙂
    It’s a simple design yet effective! But I have a question: I play using the “Off-Road Racing” rules. But what happens if, let’s say, there is just ONE gap that the racers have to pass through, but one car ends it’s movement in the gap and another racer get’s a high roll on movemet which is past the car in the gap. Does the car behind the one in the gap do a complete halt? Or does it just ram the other racer from behind?

    • JP Trostle says:

      Hopefully the second driver has a car with booster jacks (or airplane wings), allowing it to jump over the vehicle in the way. If it doesn’t, they’ll have to brake (see page 7), using up any excess movement.

      Of course, the driver could try and ram the car in front — this will not move them out of the way, but it could cause them some serious damage.

  • Erik Syring says:

    What did you use for those bases for the cars, the transparent bases I mean.

  • JP Trostle says:

    Those are laser-cut acrylic. Had them custom made by Gale Force 9, but they were still fairly cheap — 100 bases for $35-$40.

  • Erik Syring says:

    Custom made? Really?
    Dang, and here I am using cut-out thick photo paper, though I’m thinking about using plasticard.

  • JP Trostle says:

    Gale Force 9 will custom cut any shape for you, and the clear 1×3 rectangle is easy for them to set up (I’m honestly surprised they didn’t have 1″x3″ bases for sale on a regular basis.)

    Anyway, I’ve cut enough plastic by hand to know how impractical that is; paying 40 cents a base to me is absolutely worth it.

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