Green Flag day

March 31st, 2011
by JP Trostle

Speed Rally returned to Historicon in 2009 with a new, updated rulebook, and a whole lotta new cars. We ran two big races — including the first all wacky race.

Race reports after the break

First up was a field of T-180s, the exotic formula cars from the Speed Racer movie

The twisty course had a number of jumps and obstacles

The roundabout claims several victims

No. 9 edged out his competitors and won by a single length

Next up were the wacky racers

Heading into the first big turn

Things get tight in turn 2, and the evil wienermobile spins out

Survivors head out into the desert and prepare to jump the Big River

Two cars play chicken — only one leaves

And the winner is !

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