BIG BANG 4th Edition is here!

April 1st, 2019
by JP Trostle


APRIL 1, 2019 — Glory Games is thrilled to announce the latest edition of BIG BANG is here! “BIG BANG: The Board Game” is an exciting tabletop experience that lets 1-4 players battle for control of the universe from the very first moment!

Covering the period of time from the creation of time itself to the first full second of existence, BIG BANG is a board game like no other. Players field armies of quarks, electrons and protons in an epic clash to form the first atoms, and stand against the hordes of encroaching Dark Matter.

The 4th Edition has updated rules and includes figures for neutrinos and the Higgs-Boson GOD PARTICLE, as well as scenarios where players can be combine units to form heavy elements.

The 796-page rule book, with an introduction by physicist Brian Greene, has options for playing in 10 or 11 dimensions, so both fans of superstring theory and M-Theory branes can face off against one another.

Game play is simple and easy to learn, yet hard to master.
BB: TBG uses the Kinetic Impact System™ to resolve combat quickly.

“This new, improved universe still has all the things gamers loved about the earlier editions” said designer JP Trostle. “As we promised when the game first game out, BIG BANG is infinitely scalable and will eventually include every game ever made.”

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